Exhaust Notes: 2005 BMW M5 (E60)

Video: Calvin Chan

Published: December 8, 2017


LISBON, Portugal - BMW gave us the rare opportunity to test drive one of their classic vehicles, the E60 M5. Back in 2005 when it was first launched, it was the first production sedan with a V10 engine, but it wasn’t just any V10. This naturally aspirated masterpiece tore a hole in space-time, shrieking until an intoxicating 8.200 rpm redline, and legitimately sounding like an F1 car. The E60 reminded us how much we longed for a V10, but also how much we despised its sluggish SMG transmission.


Regardless, this V10 sang its way into our hearts and we were finally able to capture its mellifluous melody on video. There's also a full photo gallery below of the E60 being flung around the Autodromo do Estoril track in Portugal. Enjoy.


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Photo Gallery:


2005 BMW M5 E60 canada blue 2005 BMW M5 E60 estoril track 2005 BMW M5 E60 quad pipes


2005 BMW M5 E60 front quarter view pov





2005 BMW M5 E60 side view 2005 BMW M5 E60 wheels


2005 BMW M5 E60 rear spoiler tail lights 2005 BMW M5 E60 v10 engine bay 2005 BMW M5 E60 interior steering wheel





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