Photo Gallery: TestFest

ajac testfest 2016

Photography by: Sammy Chan / Calvin Chan


Notable surprises:

- The BMW X1 finally feels like a proper SUV and not just a wagon on stilts.

- The sixth generation Camaro has been drastically improved: the dual tone performance exhaust makes all the difference on the V6 - the Camaro finally has a thrilling soundtrack.

- The Toyota Yaris's interior is identical to the Mazda CX-3's.

- Starting up the Shelby GT350 is like awakening the devil.

- The Volvo XC90 stands out for its Swedish touch in a market full of German hands.

- Nearly every automaker now has an active exhaust button.



- The new bi-turbocharged Mercedes-AMG C63 S has me missing the naturally aspirated V8 of the past.

- The new Civic interior is surprisingly bland

- The GLE Coupe feels like it has less headroom than the BMW X6

- We couldn't get more seat time in the brilliant Cayman GT4


Photo Gallery:


mercedes amg gt s mercedes amg gt blue gray silver mercedes amg gt sunrise


amg badge mercedes amg gt interior shelby gt350 mustang


shelby gt350 vs boss 302 shelby gt350 blue 2016 2016 shelby gt350


shelby gt350 interior 6th generation camaro 6th generation camaro ls v6


6th generation camaro v6 6th generation camaro interior cayman gt4 ajac


cayman gt4 red cayman gt4 rear spoiler cayman gt4 interior


2016 bmw x1 brown 2016 bmw x1 corvette z06


corvette z06 yellow 2016 corvette z06 corvette z06 interior


mercedes-amg c63 s mercedes-amg c63 s black mercedes-amg c63 s quad exhaust


cadillac cts-v cadillac cts-v red 2016 honda civic sedan


2016 honda civic sedan rear silver 2016 honda pilot 2016 lincoln mkx red


gle350d gle350 coupe cayenne hybrid


cayenne hybrid black interior 2016 volvo xc90 black rcf vs cayman gt4





    2015 Lexus RC F


    2015 MINI John Cooper Works


    2016 Mazda MX-5