Volvo opens the doors to its first U.S. manufacturing plant in South Carolina

Words: Calvin Chan

Published: June 23, 2018


The doors are now open to Volvo’s new manufacturing plant just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, where it will build the recently unveiled 2019 S60 Sedan and in 2021, the XC90. This is Volvo’s first facility in the US, joining the Europe and China plants and following their strategy of “building where you sell.” This massive facility covers 2.3 million square feet and occupies 1,600 acres.


With over one billion dollars invested, this American site is a big deal and will help Volvo match the high demand and recent popularity of their vehicle portfolio. Volvo says that half the cars built at this plant will be destined for the domestic US market, while the other half will be exported globally - a neutral balance of trade.


By the end of this year, around 1,500 people will be employed at this site, with a plan of 4,000 over the coming years. At full capacity, Volvo says they will be able to produce 150,000 cars per year. Certain components for the S60 and future XC90 will still be built at specific sites abroad but final assembly will happen in South Carolina.


Volvo’s American factory doors are finally open during this exciting time in the automotive landscape and mass production will start August 27th of this year. You can read our first thoughts of the recently unveiled S60 here.


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